Online Poker Analytics

As webmaster of one of the largest gambling websites in the world, my day-to-day responsibilities included:

• Loading and joining data from many sources and using them to inform on the success of marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives. I was also

• Evaluating and improving the efficacy of changes to the website itself for conversion, accessibility, speed and search engine optimization.

 • Analyzing scrolling data to build heat maps of user behavior to determine which content was engaging, and which call-to-actions were imperfectly positioned on our landings.

• Using VWO, I created a pipeline to iterate A/B tests in order to optimize page layout. The pipeline allowed the technique to be generalized across different pages.

• Measuring frequency, recency, engagement, and value of users’ interactions with the product could determine what marketing channels and partners were most effective as well as what was causing friction.

In previous jobs and for consulting gigs, I performed similar analytics tasks in the gaming, tourism, real estate, and e-commerce industries.

In all the projects I have worked on, I closely collaborated with programmers, marketers, copywriters, SEO specialists and domain knowledge experts, with the shared goal of enhancing the product for the user. Working as part of a team with shared goals makes it all the more worthwhile for me.


For 3 years I was a webmaster for what is now the 4th largest online poker room in the world. In order to decrease busy work for my staff and increase the effectiveness of the page, I created an automated pipeline to iterate A/B tests to optimize page layout. As a result of my efforts, the main lead capture on our home page increased at least 20%, and the bounce rate decreased 5-30% on every page in which my pipeline was implemented.